About Us

Who we are

We build on many years of experience in the aeronautic sector, including: lighting- and connectivity systems development, product and system integration, qualification and certification as well as innovation and technology management.

We are able to provide a perfect momentum for our head start into the world of high speed light-based connectivity.

Cumulated, we look back to decades of business experience in the high technology sector, and have a very good network of contacts in aeronautics and other areas like logistics and medical. ​Our regular involvement in co-funded research programs provides us with an excellent overview of technology trends and relevant innovations in the wider high-tech eco system.​

Meet our leaders

Birger Timm

Managing Director
LED Lighting Systems, Product Development

Graduated in medical engineering with focus on measurement- and application technology. Later focused on LED lighting technology.

Experienced in product development as well as research and development and light measurement. Further experienced in lighting system development and project management development.

Markus Werner

Managing Director
Technology- and Software Development

Doctors degree in satellite communication technologies, experience in wireless communication systems and software as well as research and development in national and international research programs.

Founder and former CEO of an aerospace company with focus on wireless communication and software development.

Member of IEEE, AIAA, DGLR and VDE/ITG.