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aeroLiFi Starter Kit

Starter Kit includes:

The advantages of our LiFi system:

1099 €


aeroLiFi Access Point​

LiFi Access Point allows multiple user devices with LiFi Dongles to connect to the LiFi network.

It also works on infrared to provide fast and secure communication.

aeroLiFi Dongle

LiFi Dongle works on infrared technology to provide fast, secure, and RF interference-free data transmission using LiFi.

The LiFi Dongle provides a USB interface to connect to the user device, such as a laptop PC, Mac, tablet, and smart phone.

Why Choose Our Products?

Easy Installation (Plug & play)

Put the Access Point on the ceiling and plug the Dongle into your device. That's it! You are ready to use your LiFi system!

Compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux

Supports all common operating systems, including mobile devices.

Appealing & compact design

The design blends style with practicality. In certain instances, the color of the Access Point (AP) might be customized.

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