LiFi Applications

Schools and Offices

LiFi can be used in schools and offices. Learning and working with our technology makes the process much more comfortable, faster and affordable.



Providing high speed and/or secure data connections for passengers, crew members and aircraft systems. In the air and on the ground

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Medicine and Health Care

The peculiarity of light with LiFi is that it does not create electromagnetic interference for medical equipment. In addition, the technology is not affected by MRI scanners.

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Transport and Vehicles

To date, signs and traffic lights, street lamps, taillights and headlights are already being produced, where LED lamps are used. Thanks to this, communication between the road infrastructure and vehicles in traffic management and safety systems can be ensured.


Peak loads can be shifted to LiFi. This is especially effective on incoming communication channels that have bottlenecks.


Smart Lighting

Any public or private lighting, street lights, can be used as standard LiFi hotspots using the same sensor and communications infrastructure.

Hazardous Production Environments

The use of LiFi technology allows you to create a safe alternative to electromagnetic radiation from radio frequency communications in chemical plants and mines.

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Mobile Connections

Smartphones, laptops, tablets and many other mobile devices are able to interconnect directly using LiFi technology. The short distance ensures excellent and secure communication.

Advertising and Navigation

Highly accurate location-specific information services such as advertising and navigation that enables the recipient to receive appropriate, pertinent information in a timely manner and location.